Adi Elcida Hernandez and Ernesto Paez became aware of each other through a mutual friend who made a random 3 way call back in 2002. Little did the musically inclined high schoolers know that that phone call would be the start of their destined journey together. Before creating  "future goth,” a term they coined to explain their fusion of soaring guitars, powerfully haunting vocals, industrial electronics, subconscious evocative lyrics, hard hitting percussion, and catchy pop sensibilities, Adi and Ernesto wedded in 2012. It wasn’t until over a decade and joining hands in marriage that their passion and chemistry carried over into the duo, Modern Mimes. The two have relentlessly written music together that has first and foremost been a pure stream of consciousness aiding as therapy for them navigating through dark times and their own personal struggles. Their music provides cathartic release to many listeners navigating through their own personal demons. 

Modern Mimes released their debut album "Wake Up" in early 2017. Their single "Love Hate," premiered on Blank TV and their video, directed by Carla Forte, was selected at various film festivals. They followed up their debut album with a cover of Type O Negative's "I don't Wanna Be Me." The Goth Metal Legends not only approved of the cover but quickly promoted the single and video before it's release. "I Don't Wanna Be Me,” has resulted in a successful 53k+ views on Youtube and was featured on various media outlets. Proceeding "Wakeup" was their sophomore album "The Gray" featuring their Billboard charting single "Stare," which was released in conjunction with Curtain Call Records. 

Modern Mimes has appeared in National Media outlets such as Loudwire, The PRP, Digital Tourbus, and many others. They have had the pleasure of playing alongside household names such as The Killers, Godsmack, Weezer, Mushroomhead, We Came as Romans, Combichrist, Davey Suicide, and many more. They have toured throughout the United States and performed at Riptide Music Festival, the biggest two day Alternative and Classic Hits music festival in Fort Lauderdale, WJJR's Earthday Birthday music fest, SXSW, and RockFest WI 2021. 

Mixed and mastered by Matthew Laplant (Skindred, Nonpoint, Sikth), their 2022 album, Portals, was released independently. The band continued touring and gaining momentum throughout the United States. 

After a challenging year in 2023 and departure of drummer, Justin Perez who had joined the band in 2019, Modern Mimes enters 2024 with their most vulnerable hard hitting music to date. With a renewed spirit, Modern Mimes continues on their legacy.